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The best air conditioning repair service in Houston TX.

Are you fed up with sweating throughout every summer? Learn how our Houston TX air conditioning repair service can help save extra cash with A/C units that consumes less energy

In various parts and areas of the United States, it is a known fact that air conditioners are not considered as a luxury, but an essential item needed for the summertime. The new models of air conditioners are often better than the older models because they come with more power, makes less noise and consume considerably less energy, giving a much higher value because you spend a lesser part of your income on energy consumption.

However, the more efficient an A/C unit is, the higher the cost and the higher Houston air conditioner repairs can be. So, what does it actually cost to get a new A/C system?

Air Conditioner Basics

The first thing you need to do when you want to install an air conditioner is to decide on the suitable size for you, you won’t certainly be pleased with an A/C that lacks the adequate power needed to power your house, and likewise a very big A/C can be more costly and provide less comfort.

Air conditioner units are usually measured in tons, this is the quantity of heat an A/C unit can expel rom your house per hour. For instance, an A/C unit of 1 ton can get rid of 12,000 British thermal units (BTUs), and an A/C unit of 3tons can get rid of 36,000. The bigger your house is, the more cooling you will required, for instance, a house of 1,600 square foot could be adequately served by an A/C unit of two and half tons

Hiring an air conditioning repair service Houston TX

The next thing you need to do is to hire an air conditioning service in Houston, TX, though you may buy an A/C unit from the wholesaler and get it installed on your own, it requires an extensive level of skill to do this, in addition, you must have the certification of Environmental Protection Agency to be eligible to handle refrigerant.

For a home without central air, the installation process will need you to install new circuit breakers into your electrical panels, have wires run through the foundation have a new duct work linked to the current HVAC system and also placing your A/C unit on concrete pads or metal buckets.

For a very important task like this, you will want to make sure that it is done as accurately as possible, therefore you shouldn’t waste time and possibly injuries, and hence, you need to get to get a free quote for your system from a reliable A/C professional. The average cost of a basic 2 ton model is about $3,000, about $5,000 for a mid- range unit, and about $10,000 for top class air conditioner systems.

It was reported by Angie’s List members that installed new air conditioners in 2015 that they pay an average of $ 5,230, and the general range falling in the area of $4,425 to $6,025, without the discounts offered by many service providers.

Tax credits and R-22 for new A/C units

In order to significantly reduce the cost of A/C units, it is possible to get tax rebates or breaks from both state and federal agencies, but the federal tax rebates ended in 2013 for residential schemes related to star energy and are not part of the new build home. You can get the present tax credit information from energy star website

There may also be rebates from state governments if you have a very high-efficient system installed, but these have limited duration, therefore it is good that you do some diligent investigation before you hired an expert air conditioning firm

Also, many air conditioning manufacturers are stopping the use of hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) similarly called R-22 a greenhouse gas that destroys the ozone layer, as at year 2015, the production of R-22 has been reduced by as much as 90%. Under the current rules or guidelines, manufacturers are not allowed to produce A/C units that contain R-22 and companies are also prohibited from installing them. Though companies are still allow to produce new parts with R-22, such as condensers, to replace the current units.

Which A/C options cost more?

Many factors can bring about a rise in the installation cost of an air conditioner, for instance, if you required a new thermostat, or if your house is designed in such a way that significant amount of duct work is needed to connect your furnace, then you will have to pay more.

Also, the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) is another decisive factor, the SEER is a measured of total cooling output of an A/C, in a season (often measured in BTU) against its total electric intake or input, if the resulting number is higher, it is better, at the present, there is no unit that is sold for less than 13 SEER while the performance of some is even up to 27 SEER

Improved SEER rating comes with the benefits of lower cooling times and reduced energy costs, however, they cost more, and if the hot season is a short one, then the price would have been a waste.

You can also lower the noise produce by a noisy A/C, on a very hot day; the noise produced by louder air conditioners can be above 80 decibels which can be quite painful from a close range. Many cities have enacted regulations that mandated new A/C installations to be less than a specific decibel, for instance, you could hear the A/C from your garage when it gets to about 70db, and it starts fading into the surrounding noise. Many of the popular brands usually offered, low-noise, high performance models at a higher price

The cost of an air conditioner to a large extent depends the size of the unit you need, the professional you hired and the total efficiency or overall effectiveness. Thus, the cost of an air conditioner installation can vary.

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