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Houston TX Air Duct Cleaning Essentials

To obtain relief from allergies, individuals used to relocate to Texas. But, we have discovered that today, allergies are still an issue and Texas is not an area that is devoid of allergies.

The EPA states that a regular home collects dust at a maximum of 40 pounds each year. Dust contains other elements apart from dirt; this is everything present in the air which is around you.

The good news is that it is simple to detect a dust issue and effortlessly find a solution for it. How can you tell whether you have an issue or not?

Below are some questions to ask yourself and to establish whether you have an issue with a pile-up of dust or not.

  • Has your rate of dusting increased compared to normal?
  • After switching on your HVAC system, do you detect a peculiar smell?
  • Is there a thin layer of dust on your air vents or are there black stains surrounding the vents?
  • In the comfort of your home, does your family or you experience allergies or trouble breathing?

If you responded in yes to any of these scenarios, you might have an issue with dust in your home’s air ducts.

We are able to offer solutions which will provide you with a home which is much cleaner; making it possible for you to breathe as well as relax easily, with the knowledge that you home is purified from dust and contamination. How company has done many air duct replacements in Houston.

Will I benefit from Air Duct Cleaning?

You might not be aware of what impact lack of cleaning your air ducts has on your life at home. The majority of individuals just become accustomed to experiencing allergy issues and simply carry on with their lives without a care.

As a part of your HVAC system, a lot of particles can be collected by the air ducts, such as pet dander, dust, mold, as well as other allergens. These particles can directly affect your well being and finances.

A HVAC system which is effective will circulate air which is cleaner. Also, an efficient HVAC system which is adequately maintained will consequently last longer.

How often should I clean my air ducts?

We advise once after every three years. You might need to include the services of regular duct cleaning in case your home has pets whose shedding is frequent, smokers or a person staying in your home who has respiratory issues like asthma.

Houston duct cleaning

The before an after of a client that used our air duct cleaning service in Houston TX.

Fix an AC or Furnace which is Broken

Residing in Texas, we are aware that air conditioning is a core staple in surviving the extreme summer heat and even though our winters can be pretty mild, heating is vital as well.

This is the reason we offer to provide service the same day your unit malfunctions at the worst times. Our experience is vast and we can service all models and makes of air conditioners and are certain we can offer a solution for your air conditioning as well as heating issues.

Air Technicians

All technicians at Air are NATE certified. This certification is the highest in the sector of air conditioning. Our technicians are vetted federally also as well as they are tested for drugs, prior to them starting work on your house. The AC technicians we have are experienced experts who can fix literally any heating and air conditioning brand of equipment.

Examples of these brands are Bryant, Carrier, Goodman, Ruud, Precision, Amana, Coleman, Armstrong, Janitrol, Honeywell, Payne, Lennox, Rheem, Goettl, York and American Standard together with a number of others.

Our technicians have more than $40,000worth of equipment inside their service vans in materials and parts, catering to all regular models and types.

Therefore, the majority of all repairs can be handled instantly!

Learn more about Houston air conditioning repair.